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Individual Assessments; Nutritional & Lifestyle Recommendations

Holistic Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultations

What is Holistic/Natural Nutrition?

Natural nutrition is complementary health care based on the realization that every person and every body is unique. Through individual client assessments, I will give you nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.
The connection between body, mind and spirit is the main focus. Our state of mind and spiritual wellbeing can have an effect on our physical health.

Why is it important to me?

Traditional medicine does not emphasize nutrition as a major cause of health disorders. Fitting everyone’s nutritional needs into a “food pyramid” is not very feasible or effective. Everyone is different. What’s good for one is not good for all. Even foods deemed high in nutritive properties aren't necessarily good for everybody due to unique food sensitivities. I will work with you to personalize a diet and lifestyle program that will help optimize YOUR health.

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